2001 Ford Escort ZX2: Regular Car Reviews

We Review the last of the Ford Escorts: The ZX2. It’s not quite a Focus but it is trying to show how far the Escort has come. Made a mistake with today’s video. The ZX2 had a 2.0L motor, not 2.4

I’m tired of making these technical errors. I got engine displacement wrong again on the ZX2 video. The reason I make these asinine mistakes is because I speak from memory, in a “Yea, I got this,” way. The crazy thing about this video is that my notes clearly say:

“-2.0 L, 4-cylinder ZTEC engine, with a factory-rated 130 hp, and a top speed of around 128 mph, if it's

post-apocalypse and all the roads are deserted. However, the owner says a friend of his got up to 135 on

an empty road in Mexico, although he ran out of fifth gear in the process.”

And what did my bird-brain do? Combine the “2” in “Two Liter” and the numeral “4” in “Four Cylinder” and barfed out “2.4L”