RCR Podcast #15: The Christmas Party

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00:00 Audio testing
02:33 RCR Christmas Party recap
17:04 Nick loves The Golden Girls, Brian loves riding motorcycles, and more New Zealand planning
24:19 A final farewell to the MR2
27:03 Nick gives spoiler-free thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Lady Bird
35:56 Chat questions on The Roman name, favorite motorcycles, RCR Stories, BMWs, more
49:58 Man challenges Woman to MMA fight, and why Nick won’t mod his Mustang
57:55 Ask RCR question on iconic movie/TV cars, and why there aren’t more new examples
67:42 Initial D and anime memories, historical film discussion, Brian applies for Motorweek
78:27 Andy Rooney was the Ultimate Old Man
83:03 RCR’s Christmas break, cross-country road trips, chat room talk, holiday well-wishes