Regular Car Reviews: 1995 BMW E36 M3

Why has a conservative German GT car become the darling of “Stance Culture?” The E36 was meant to refine the tail-happy E30.

Big thanks to designer Ted Stoltz from for helping out with photography and videography.

But new safety standards and uncooperative US import laws turned the North American M3 into a big lump. Here’s what an E36 is used for today (2014): Roll up to a bar after the kitchen is closed, get out of your E36, pick up the car and stuff in in the front of your pants and visually lie to all the 19 year old girls with fake ID’s. STANCE NAAAAAATIONNNNN! Bimmer Bro! Bro Bimmer! I scrape my splitter on Second Street. It makes a the ladies want my un-cut meat!