Regular Car Reviews: 2007 Porsche Cayman

The Cayman is the Mason Dixon line between rich and poor. This doesn’t mean that a Cayman owner is rich. It doesn’t mean that a Boxster owner is poor. It just means there’s a line, for good or ill.

We’re silly creatures, us humans. Our bilateral symmetry makes us prejudiced toward invisible lines. We draw them in damn near everything. Ideas that run along the gap between our caveman definitions between black and white are mocked and vilified. Porsche’s Cayman is not the foreman’s weekend Boxter, nor is it the parcel owner’s 911. The Cayman lies in that horrible DMZ, taking hate from both sides.

Even I can’t help myself. I must place the Cayman somewhere, but where? From my perspective, from my bank account, The Cayman is a Rich-Man’s Car.