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Garage Makeover in a Day | Scott’s House Call S1 (EP 2)

– Ready? Oh…! First shot! (doorbell rings) (upbeat music) Brian and Marnie have a busy life. They’ve got three kids doing 20 different sports. It’s kind of total chaos. They would like to get things organized starting with the garage. That’s where I come in. I’ll help get that garage organized while they organize dinner. Oh yeah. Look at this. You guys got a lot of gear going on. Just a few sports, huh guys? (upbeat music) Who here plays sports? Who here plays at least five sports? Who here leaves all their gear on the garage floor? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So what would make your life easier? – To be able to go and grab what we need for equipment right away instead of having to tear it apart to be able to actually park very simply and easily in the garage, that would be a dream. – Without running over something ’cause we have run over sticks, and equipment and helmets. – You ran over my scooter. – Yeah I ran over your scooter Luke, yup, yeah. – What do you say if we clear this space out? Maybe we’ll play a little bit while we do it. You guys don’t know how to play basketball do you? – (All) Yes. – If you wanna play basketball what do you guys do? You can’t even get that basketball out of there. – Yes I can. – No you can’t. – Oh this looks useful, geez Louise.

Is that how it works everyday? – Usually he gets hit with something. (Scott laughs) – Meet me at the basketball hoop. – Alright. – Ready? – Jump over some stuff. – Jump over it. – Watch your step. We’re gonna have a little contest to see who really is the sportiest of the sportiest by combining your favorite sport with basketball. (upbeat music) – Oh, oh, ohh! (upbeat music) – Ohh! (upbeat music) – Yeah!! – So everybody grab something and lets start moving it out. (rock music) This seems like a pretty good system you guys have here. – Its a catch and release. – Oh, I got one. Gear’s here, gang’s here, time to get started. (upbeat music) – We’re making moussaka, a family favorite using some local vegetables from the market. What Brian’s doing is cutting the vegetables. We’re gonna bread them and then continue on making the casserole. (festive music) (sizzling oil) (upbeat music) – Beautiful. – So Scott, a small token of our appreciation. – That looks good. – Set the fire alarm off, cooking it. – What do you think? – Clean, fresh. – Clean, easy.

– Completely the opposite of the way I found your garage. (laughter) How do you make sure your life doesn’t get as disorganized as your garage? – We have a white board that we literally write out every week what we’re doing. And we wouldn’t be anywhere without device apps. Our lives are run by apps. I don’t know how people run their lives without them. – Have you tried any of the banking apps? – We have CIBC mobile banking app. – Perfect. So with CIBC you can set alerts and they can be sent right to your phone. So you want to set budgets, you want to set bill payment notifications, any of that stuff, because as I can tell in the garage you have 37 hockey sticks. You may want to set a budget for that. – Absolutely. Absolutely. (Scott laughing) – Thank you very much for dinner, I really appreciate that.

I hope you guys absolutely love what we did in the garage. Should we go check it out? – Check it out for sure, yeah. – Let’s do it. – You ready? Go on in, have a look. – Whoa! – Wow, oh my gosh. (laughter) You can get the kayak easily. – Is this ours? – This is your garage! – Wow! (upbeat music) – Look at this stuff. – Hockey sticks. – Hockey sticks! – Marnie, we don’t have to run over any skis. (laughter) – Look at this. Look how much room you have in these. – That’s awesome. – Hang all your gear in here. – Oh, Marn we’re gonna get some stuff in here honey! – No! No! This doesn’t mean buy more (laughing). This means you’re good now, you’re good. If you wanna shift things around if you don’t love the way I’ve done it all of these pop in and out super simple.

That’s not gonna go anywhere now. These cabinets, they all pop up and down. They’re on the gear wall as well. I obviously called on my friends at Gladiator. They provided the Gear Wall, all the cabinets, and some of the help to make this happen. – This is great. What do you think? – I love it. – Yeah, I bet you do. Thank you very much, this is great. – You’re very welcome. – This is great. – Congratulations. – Thank you very much. – Thank you so much. – Thank you. – It was worth cooking a meal, for sure. I think we won. – Oh, too low, too low. – Ahh, so close! No, air ball! (all laughing) .

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